Jamison Brass and Ammunition Red and Yellow Label Secret

Good news: Jamison Brass and Ammunition ( http://www.captechintl.com/ ) appears to be making new cases again. After months of out of stock tags on many of their cases they are filling orders again for 44-77 and .43 Spanish, among others.

Since I was placing an order, I decided to throw in a box of loaded 44-40 WCF ( http://www.captechintl.com/proddetail.php?prod=4440W200LEG ) to get the Jamison headstamp for my collection. I opened the package and was very disappointed to find them loaded on Starline brass. The nice lady at Jamison said “Oops Sorry!, Thank you for pointing this out, we have fixed the problem and now all cartridges in YELLOW labeled boxes are noted as being loaded on outsourced brass.” Well since I paid $25 (before S&H) for this information, I figure it might be handy for other collectors. Red label boxes are loaded on JBA headstamped cases. yellow label boxes are loaded on outsourced brass, presumably Starline.