Jamison Brass/Captech International

Does anybody have any information on the status of Jamison Brass/Captech International? The website shows that there is no brass in stock and it looks like many Jamison products are being clearanced on GunBroker.




That would be too bad if they go under. They are the only good source for several rare / obsolete calibers such as .307 Winchester and .351 SLR.

If I have the story straight, the production equipment that was recently in use at Captech started out with Jim Bell when he was running Brass Extrusion Laboratories Limited. The machinery was later sold to El Dorado Corporation, a subsidiary of PMC. PMC ran into difficulties around 2004, and the machinery was sold to Jamison. Jamison ran into legal problems for shipping products overseas without proper state department approval and was forced to reorganize as Captech International. I still have’t been able to find out what happened at Captech.

I am hoping that somebody is waiting in the wings to pick up the ball and run it again soon.


I asked another manufacturer who makes a lot of the same sort of stuff that Captech, Reeds, and Load-X does about Captech, and he said that they shut down in August and are straightening out some management & organization issues and will supposedly relaunch their operation soon. Presumably for early 2018 I would think. This is good news since the only alternative to some of the stuff that Jamison did is through Ventura now, which they are just selling as their own brand from another manufacturer, and thus the mark-up in price is quite a bit more in most cases than what it was direct from Captech, or the bargain retailers who carried their stuff like Selway Armory and Grafs.

Just an update on this, I saw on another forum that a person who lives nearby to the Captech / Jamison plant actually stopped by to take a look on March 28th earlier this year. He said there were 2 cars there, and when he knocked on a door to the warehouse, it was answered by two workers who said that Captech was restructuring / reorganizing. I have just recently noticed that there seemed to be some loads showing up on the retail market on JBA brass which were not there last year, so maybe they are trickling some stuff out? The Captech website is a mess though, with everything out of stock, and pop up windows opening whenever you try to do anything.

I was told by a wholesaler they went Chapter 11, and reorganizing. I have no idea myself. time will tell.

Below are two versions of .348 Winchester headstamped brass from Jamison. I’m not really sure which one is older or newer, or if Jamison is doing anything current. Nobody in the industry that I ask seems to know for sure, and JBA certainly doesn’t answer any inquiries lately.