Jan./ Feb. 2020 e-journal

Just checking to see if it is out yet? E-Journal, not printed .
anyone got their copy yet?

I get the E version, usually as soon as published. Nothing received so far.

It came yesterday

I havent got any yet (Europe/Germany)

Mine has arrived.

Please guys do not complain here on the Canadian end I am still waiting for NOV_DEZ
Never mind Jan-Febr.

There was an issue with our mail server this month involving their newly created terms with regard to sending out more than one list of emails at a time. We’ll probably upgrade the account for future use, but for this article it was discovered that 7 days had to elapse between lists, and we had two - currently renewed members, and members not yet renewed. The currently renewed list will go out in a couple days. Thanks for patience.

Waiting for mine (Germany).

I did not receive it either (France)



I received it …E version

I did not recieve it yet (Netherlands)

Regards, Richard

Thanks Matt, never sure if it is our email provider or just running late, not complaining,
it is always worth the wait and thanks to all the people that do the work for no pay to make it !

No news from Belgium.

I received the E-copies on 01/07/2020 ( Poland )

Good morning .
Still haven’t received an E copy “France”

No Jan/Feb eJournal so far… (Finland)

Untill now no Jan-Febr 2020 e-Journal ( Netherlands)

None for me either (USA)
ETA: Got my email w/PW today (16-JAN-20). Thanks!

Just checked and as of a moment ago, nothing received here in the UK.


I received my E-journal on 01/07 (France)