Jane's Ammunition Handbook

I just got a LIMITED number of Jane’s Ammunition Handbook’s 2011-2012.

These are the thick books, about the size of a telephone directory, but hardback. Everything ammunition related from .22 LR to 155, including mortars, grenades, etc. Info about the caliber, different loadings, manufacturers, history, M/V, bullet weights, etc. including photos and drawings. Reference section of manufacturer addresses. Hundreds of pages.

These retail for $1000+ (US) per copy and come out annually. When you see them for sale, they still run hundreds of dollars each and for editions that are years old.

I have a few for $175 (US) plus $15 postage (US addresses only), still in the originally wrapper. First come, first serve.

Email me for payment specifics if seriously interested. 50cal@sprintmail.com

I bought up all the guy had left and what I got is now sold out. Only took 48 hours from my post to sell them all. Thanks for looking.

Everyone that expressed an interest in these will be getting emails from me about whether you got in on time before the sell out. Standby for that.

If you did make it in before the sell out, you’ll be getting an email from me with payment instructions.