Jane's Ammunition Handbook

I was able to obtain a single, additional, copy of Jane’s Ammunition Handbook, the 2008-2009 edition. It’s for sale to anyone interested.

If you know about these ammunition references, you know that they run over $1,000 each now for the current edition. This example is a few years older, but the data is still 95% complete. It’s priced accordingly. Almost 900 pages of information, photos of each cartridge, charts/diagrams, etc., spanning from rifle to pistol to machine gun, to cannon, to artillery, to mortars, to grenades. This one is used, with some very small minor scratches on the back that you can only see if you tilt the book just so. $175 plus $15 shipping, USPS Money Order only, no checks, no paypal, no credit cards.

I can ONLY send to US addresses.

First one to post that they want it and following up with an email including your address gets it.

Last call for IAA members, goes on sale to the general public next week.