Japanese 13.2x99mm Hotchkiss

It is alive, a lot of propellant moving inside. And looks legit. But who made it?

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You might measure the bullet diameter and see if this is a 13.2mm Hotchkiss cartridge.


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I agree with Brian, it is a Japanese made 13.2 x 99.

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It is 13.2x99mm. I just wanted to say that the primer crimp looked sooo Japanese to me. Thanks guys. I fished it out of a bin at local hunting club and the owner said: " You want it. Take it". Love those hunters. If you can’t kill a deer with it, it is junk. Any clue as to arsenal name?

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Tracer and Ball



I’ve seen ball rounds go for $10 to over $50. The higher prices are usually from gun guys who don’t know squat about collector cartridges or prices.

Well I paid more than that for mine. What’s the tracer worth?

Here is a AP load


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My projectile is highly magnetic, but my annulus seal is gone. Is it supposed to be white? How did you figure out yours’s is AP? OK, now I see white on yours, I was confused by what looked to me as red on the cartridge body.

One of the Three IJN Naval Yards Cartridge Factories.
Elks’ book has the details.
The only Japanese ammo to be headstamped.( Naval vs Army)

Doc AV

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