Japanese 25x163mm Type 96 round

I usually sneer at any internet military sales ($$$), but I have this heavy chunk of brass courtesy of internet for $2.25 (would be difficult to beat at SLICS). So I am a convert (partially). What is the meaning of a symbol to the left of “S”?

I believe that is the Kure Naval Arsenal mark Kure Arsenal has been around since around 1889-90ca. No Showa date marks? I suspect the 6 over 18 is the date? I’ll check a bit more to verify. The Kure mark I am fairly certain is correct. Must be 18th year of Showa =6th month of 1943.

Supposedly the double wave across the anchor stands for Kure Naval Arsenal. Here is a link to a nice website, maybe it will help japaneseammunition.com/

Hi guys,

I was pointed to this thread. Not much left to add though, other than that all was answered correctly: indeed the Kanji to the left of the date (which was properly interpreted as June 1943) is for the Kure arsenal. And yes, the ‘wavy anchor’ also indicates the Kure arsenal.
Two minor points of interest:

  1. More often than not, to the left of the date one finds the letter ‘S’ (for Showa). There are some deviations from this, however. Navy headstamp have dates in Arabic (Western) numerals, as opposed to Army headstamps, which appear in Kanji.
  2. This one came from one of the last production runs to see full headstamps still. As of late 1943 this calibre seems to only appear without headstamp. June 1943 is as late as I have seen dated specimens.

All in all at only $2.25 that was a great buy! :)