Japanese .44 S&W Russian

Can anyone help me out with some photographs and dimensions to enable me to make a replica of a Japanese .44 S&W Russian ammunition box?

There is a photo of a 12 round box in "The Hand Cannons Of Imperial Japan” that is attributed to the Norman Hower collection.
There is a better photo (colour) of the same box in “Japanese Military Cartridge Handguns 1893-1945” This has a round displayed alongside it. The photograph is credited to Shin Nomura. (Ca). Does anyone know either Mr Hower or Mr Nomura and could ask them for the information.

I have tried to scale the box from the dimensions of the round in the photo, but I can’t work out the orientation of the rounds, as the box appears to be too short for two layers of 6 rounds, and too big for 12 rounds standing.

I would really like to know the box dimensions, construction method, and orientation of the rounds so that I can make an accurate replica box to display with my Japanese contract S&W’s.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Send me a personal message thru this forum, to my home, including your actual name and mailing address, and I will contact my friend Norm with your request. Please repeat your question in the personal message. I want to be able to save time by simply printing out your PM and mailing to him. I cannot do anything for you based on a website alias.

I cannot guarantee he will answer you but perhaps he will send the information to me and I can forward it on to you. He does not do computers, and is low profile. I alson know Shin, but I don’t have his contact information so I can’t help with that.

I will not be home this weekend due to Range Officer duties at my club, and Norm doesn’t always answer right away, as he is very busy, so be patient. Thank you.

John Moss
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John, Thank you for your offer to help. I have sent you a PM as requested.

I will mail it on to him, and get back to you when he answers me. The mail will go out MOnday, and takes about two to three days to get there, so it won’t be before the end of next week or the beginning of the following week, I am sure.

John Moss

Thanks again. I appreciate your help.

I’m still trying to find information about the Japanese .44 S&W Russian ammunition boxes.

There is an image of another box label in Ken Elks’ new book, so that’s two surviving boxes that I am aware of, although I don’t know who owns the second box.

If anyone can help with the box dimensions, construction method, and orientation of the rounds it would be appreciated.

Thank you.