Japanese 6.5 Original Issue Ammo Box?

Hello everyone!! Looking for a bit of guidance. I found an ammo box that I believe to have identified as a type 38 Arisaka round. 6.5. a Friend’s grandfather fought on Iwo Jima and as the story goes, brought home, 2 Arisakas, a Nambu and ammo. I am now caretaking for one of the Arisakas and also this box of ammo.

The question is, is this an original issue box? Thanks for everyone’s help!!

Looks like a German M1888 clip and the wood grain box IMHO it is German

Orange is definitely right, but maybe ammo inside is Japanese?

Not German patrone 88, but more likely Chinese (ROC) Hanyang 7.9 ammo.(" same-same")
At such a late stage in the war, Japan was using all the captured equipment it had at its disposal.
Doc AV.

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I am the same opinion as @orange.
It looks to me as a M88 box with a clip.

To compare I made a picture from a box with a clip and a new box.




Please make pics from the base of the box, the inside M88 Clip from side and from ist end…and also give dimensions from the ammo inside, better also a pic from the base of the ammo, as it exists also as chinese made M88 rounds and Clips…

But to be sure, the above things are needed…

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It seems you have a small treasure there with some interesting history. Is it possible to make a picture of the headstamp(s)? And as already mentioned: your Ariska will not take these cartridges as they are completely incompatible with the rifle.

If that box is German there is a very good chance the name of the box maker and date of its manufacture is embossed somewhere on it. The cartridge headstamps, if any, will tell the tale of who made these cartridges and where. Jack

If the box is German, annd the cartridges as well, then two scenarios come forward…surplus bought by warlords in 1920s, then captured by Japanese in 1930s;
Second scenario: Japanese capture of Shandong (TsingTao) in 1914, and disarming of German Garrison there.
Aspects of packet origin and cartridge headstamps may indicate scenarios.
( but still some doubt may remain;
also clip markings if any).
Doc AV

Interesting takes from you guys. Unfortunately time has lost that info as he has now passed on. It could also be possible that he picked it up from somewhere along the way over the past 80 years and it somehow became mixed into the package. The “ammo” that was brought back may not be “This ammo”. You guys have been instrumental though in assisting.

I still see no head stamp.
The only thing I can tell you at the moment is that the right clip was made by; Gewehrfabrik Spandau.