Japanese 75x292R

Can somebody translate these 4 lines of Japanese characters on this 75x292R case please. Looks like a third year fuze on a shrapnel projectile with a crimp groove below the drive band. I am not sure of the model (type 38 or 90?).
Osaka arsenal. Primer looks Showa 7 (1932).
Case Taisho 11 (1922)? or Showa 6 (1931)?
Fuze Taisho 4 (1915)? As you can see I am totally confused.

Can anybody help with the case translation, headstamp and fuze details please.
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Suggest you repost this on Gun Board’s Japanese Collector’s sub forum.
There are a few Japanese reading members there who likely can supply you with translations.

I will have to locate this site. Thanks for the hint. Ron.