Japanese All Paper Shotshell Photos


Brian, thanks for posting. Here are a few others. Ironically even though I have your pictured shell in my images, I can’t find this specimen right now in my collection.


Thanks for showing these.
Are these shot loaded ?
Or farm repellent cases?

Regards Rene

Most of mine are unfired empty cases The three in this image are loaded. One does have stamped farm depredation repellents. Two have shot. Just what are Farm Depredation Repellents??


For as far as I know it is for scaring birds and pests from the crops

Btw I only have that farm depredation case. So was curious about the others.

Nice bunch Gary

So, are you thinking an air explosive charge, like the “Bird Scare” cartridges, (basically an air burst M-60 firecracker?), we can get today, rather than a chemical repellant?
I have been wondering for quite a while…

Just thinking, no proof at all.

I have only the one in my collection otherwise I would have opened one to see.

Regards rene

Thanks, and understandable.
I have a few one-of rounds I would love to see the insides of…