Japanese Ammo Markings


I’m not sure if this is known to the group, but a gentleman on another site posted this free to all:
scribd.com/doc/59248148/Japa … n-Markings


Hi all,
I’m new here and am that “gentleman on another site”. I followed the trail from Sribd to here. I hope that you enjoyed the PDF file on Japanese Ammunition Markings. If any of you are interested in other PDF files concerning Japanese Ordnance then look at my other uploads to Scribd as you will find a heap of them including larger sized ones that I was unable to upload to BOCN.

I’ve come across a mountain of WWII publications on Japanese Ordnance and have had a loan of a mates book collection as well.Over the comming months these will be slowly be made into PDF files and uploaded for interested collectors. A very good manual on Japanese Bombs will be next in a few weeks time.

A lot of hours involved but it is a labour of love and as they say " what goes around comes around"



Many thanks!
I’m sure glad I called you a gentleman!


Bougainville - Welcome to the IAA Forum! Thanks for your generosity in sharing this information. There is much yet to be learned about Japanese ammunitioo, for sure!