Japanese Ammunition 1880-1945, by Ken Elks

Ammunition collectors will be aware of Ken Elk’s classic work, “Japanese Ammunition 1880-1945”, which covers ammunition from pistol rounds up to 40mm caliber. This was published in 1981, and contained much original research. It has been in great demand ever since.

Well, a new edition by the same author is on the way. This contains the results of all of the research which has been done since then, and is consequently more than double the length of the original. For production reasons, it is appearing in two ring-bound parts: Part 1, covering cartridges of less than 20mm caliber, is available now. Part 2 (20-40mm) is expected in March 2008. Both volumes are extensively illustrated with colour photos of rounds from the Woodin Collection

Fantastic news. I’ve already ordered and paid for my copy. Ken takes PayPal and responded quickly to my e-mail.

Same here.

Yes! the new book is fantastic, with illustrations mostly in colors!

I got it last week at the ECRA show in the Netherlands ,and I am awaiting for the second part…

It was also quite pleasant to meet Ken again, after all this years!


Got the book this morning. Well worth the money, impressed.

Fantastic book. Lots of new info and pics. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I now know of lots of these items I don’t have!
Very easy-to-use spiral-bound format.

Anyone know where I can get a copy? I have been trying all sorts of people and so far no luck…

I emailed Ken at several different email addresses and no luck either…

If anyone knows of someone selling copies, please PM or email me.