Japanese flame thrower ignition cartridge Type 93 / Type 100

I am looking for reliable info and images of Japanese flame thrower ignition cartridges.
By now I have somewhat conflicting data on it and Elks is not having a photo but claims his measurements are from a specimen. Unfortunately his data is contradicting data I got from another first hand source.

Any body to show photos and give the outer diameter and OAL?

Do Japanese docs exist?

I know Ken did a lot of his reserach at Woodin Labs.
For whatever that is worth.

Alex, do you have Charles Yust’s book? There is a drawing and short report on the round. I think I know one collector who has one, I’ll ask him for those measurements, and perhaps a pic.

Guys, thanks.
Any confirmed info/images would be great!

I photographed the Japanese flame thrower igniter in the Woodin Lab. The head diameter and mouth diameter are both 10,95 mm and the cartridge length is 25,40 mm. IMG_0569 IMG_0570


Vidar, excellent, thanks a lot for your help !!!

Do you happen to have a top view also?

No, I don’t have a top view. It,s possible it was a fired case, so a top view was of no interest to me.Yust says: “Card closing wad at mouth with brown shellac sealing”

Anyhow good to have this already!

If anyone was ever wondering how they were packaged, here is my 100 round box.


Holly miracle!

Is your headstamp identical?
And do you have an image of the top closure maybe?

Dave, that box is amazing, thanks for sharing.

They also made paper cased variants and cartridges made from converted US .30 Cal. cases (.30-06). Given its smaller dimensions, the latter was used in a modified Type 93.



Truely amazing Dave, good on ya!

Fede, is there more info or images on these?


Yes, same headstamp. The Tokyo star.

I’m not sure what you mean by “top closure”. I’d be happy to post whatever pictures you need.


I’ve also never heard of the US 3O Cal variation. Would love to hear more.

Dave, I think he means the top wad/closure/seal of the igniter round.

The top seal is red wax. I thought you were talking about the box. Thanks for clearing that up for me Jon.

I’ve never seen pictures of the paper and .30 Cal. variants and I’m not aware of any surviving examples.

Now that you mention it Fede, I do have another odd-ball flamethrower cartridge that was picked up on the Philippine Islands in 1945. It is dimensionally different, but the same configuration, ie no rim, and inner tube that comes up from the primer well about halfway up the case. No headstamp on this one. I’ll post pictures with dimensions when I get home. Not quite sure when that will be. I’m glad this came up as I’ve been meaning to show it here and see what others think. It came with a very, very interesting group of Japanese items.

You may show those as well?
Maybe in an own thread?

Sounds super interesting. Please post pictures when you have time.