Japanese flare gun cartridges

Does anyone know where I can find any Japanese WWII flare cartridges, live or fired? 28 or 35mm ? Any help would be great.


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As apparently the only other Jap ordnance/flare desirer guy on this forum, I speak with some authority in answering your question.

I don’t know.

Would give everything in my collection for a Jap flare for my Type 10 flare gun. Well, except for the flare gun.

They are the proverbial hen’s teeth. Seems the Ozzies and Kiwis have a few, but that’s the only place I’ve ever seen any.

Good luck. And if you find a source, get me one.



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Thanks for the reply.
I have been looking for years and decided to try harder this year!
Maybe if I find hens teeth someone will trade?

Here are pictures of the two 35mm Japanese flares from my collection that I mentioned in the e-mail earlier today. I have absolutely no information on these; perhaps someone with some knowledge might enlighten us. Odds are pretty good I have one or both of the headstamps upside down.

Hi Guy,
The flare on the left is a single star white flare. the translation left to right reads, star one white. The right flare is called a Dragon (smoke) the head stamp is upside down, if turned around would read Black at 12 , and dragon at 6. The rim notches and the arc below them were different on each cartridge for low light identification. Very nice photos. I have info but alas, no flares!
Thanks again

Slick Rick,

I know where some WWII Jap flares are!

At the Bottom of the Pacific! HA!


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Don’t worry Steve. I’m completely unemployed, bloody nuisance really. Bit closer to Pacific than you so might go for a dive and try and get me some of them there flares. Or Paua. Paua are easy and taste better. And more common. So paua it is. But if I find a flare I’ll send it to ya Rick.

Guy, are your flares empty cases that have been de-capped?

I had assumed they were fired, but a close inspection reveals that the insides don’t show any evidence of having been fired, nor has the paper shell ever been crimped, so they may be new, unprimed or deprimed shells.