Japanese M1 M13 M27 links

In this article I will show you the Japanese M1 M13 M27 links.
All of them are stamped with the markings of “AO” or “AO” and the type of link.

The M1 has only the “AO” stamp. It also has white paint on it for every 50 rounds.

The M13 is stamped with “AO” and “M13”.
The stamps on the M13 and M27 are thin and a little hard to read.

The M27 is similar to the M13 in that it is stamped with “AO” and “M27”.

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Once more excellent reference!
Do you also have something on 12.7x99 M2 and M9 links, on 20x102 and maybe on 40x53SR Type 96 like I had in my request some time ago?

I don’t have any of them, but maybe I can get 12.7x99 links in a few months later.
I have some figures of 12.7x99 and 20x102 links.
But I don’t know any PDF and information about 40mm…
Here is the link of PDF Y7901.pdf (mod.go.jp)
スクリーンショット (198) スクリーンショット (199) スクリーンショット (200) スクリーンショット (201)

スクリーンショット (204)

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Do you have better images of those 40x53SR links maybe?

Here’s a JM14 (Japanese M14 style) link for 20x102.
No idea who is manufacturer “HT”


Geert, thanks a lot, good to have!

It’s not clear, but here is a image of Japanese 40mm HE and with it’s link.
I think your image is much clear but it’s dummy round.
And it’s link 96式40mm自動てき弾銃 (mod.go.jp)

Yes, the image I found was suposedly taken at an “open base” event.

It would be very interesting to see it without cartridge or at least from fifferent angles so I can verify the design. It seems to be something unique as far as I can figure right now.

And as we are on it, are there any good images around of Japanese 40x46SR and 40x53SR?

Just post my collection…

Excellent, much appreciated!
Now we just need to discover pics of those links.

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