Japanese made 8mm Siam

Anybody out there who has seen confirmedly Japanese made cartridges?
Are images available?

How does one tell between Thai and Japanese made ammo? I thought Japanese only made the initial lots and then production switched to Thailand.

You tell me please. Or anybody else who knows or owns such cartridges.

How comes we have no Japanese researchers here on the forum? Or at least not that one IDd himself as such.

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I am going to one of the premier antique gun shows in US (Allentown,PA) on Saturday and I’ll keep my eyes open, but no promises.

Elks, Part 1, Page 53-54.

Jon, thanks!
So Elks is also not 100% sure but proj. design of at least the Model 66 is speaking much for Japan.
The Model 45 is even blurrier as Elks does not state much on them.

Has anybody ever seen boxes for these cartridges? I do not mean those made later in the west but those to be associated to the Siamese script headstamps.

And do cutaways of the Siamese hs Model 45 and Model 66 exist?

Here are a few pics you tell me where they were made

I can offer no help on cartridge production but the early Siamese chargers show definite similarities to Arisaka ones … apart from the flange which on the Siamese one is a simple fold to accomodate the rimmed cartridge, not the return fold of the Arisaka that fits the extractor groove.


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Here is an old post 8x50 Siamese with DocAV’s great summary of this subject.

I just remembert that there was an excellent report on these cartridges in the IAA Journal
issue 514 March April 1917.By Francis C.Allen& Joseph P. Koss well written and
represented.I know now again the one with the S71 stamp is Finnish.

Peter, I see that 2 oval holes are longer in the bottom charger. Also, may you illustrate the simple fold vs return fold so I get it better? Am I right that the top is Siamese and the bottom is Arisaka?

Sherryk, thanks a lot for pointing out the #514 IAA issue!

Indeed a very interesting article which is clarifying many things but to me also is raising more questions.
Like which rifle grenade did they use back then?