Japanese Motor/Grenade

All, I have been going through my dads collection and found this. It’s 30mm wide and 94mm long. Obviously from the markings it’s Japanese but I couldn’t find anything on the internet with these dimensions. Any help in identifying this oddball would be appreciated!!

V/r Henry Hubbardimage image image image

This is a made up piece of trench-art.
The nose is a type 88 short delay fuze.
The rear is a type 88 instantaneous fuse. Not sure what the centre bit is off.
So two nose fuzes threaded together to make an item to fool future collectors.

Middle is dated 1939. Nose is dated 1940.

Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated!

These were commonly known as “doodlebugs”. Many variations depending on who made them, fin designs, fuzes used, etc.

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Doodlebugs… cool pix thanks for sharing!

See: Japanese "bomblet" photos

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