Japanese mountian howitzer case

Jap mountian howitzer Case ???

Next to a French 37mm


This may be similar the 70mm Jap. Slick Rick posted a while back and some good info came up. It’s in the middle of pg. 4 right now. Yours looks longer than 101mm in the bottom photo next to the 37mm. How long is your case?



Yes My case is longer about 71/2 inches [about 180mm Im guessing]. Case mouth inside dia is 73.63 mm if my calipers are correct.


Steve, Dave

Mine was a 70 X 101MM. Been perusing the intraweb trying to locate anything on this. Maybe Olaf(AKA Techno Viking) or CSAEOD can chime in on this one. They’re the pros on Nippon ammo. I can’t find anything on it.


Accurate measurements would help a whole lot. Them Japanese folks had a wide range of ammo with very similar dimensions.

And Steve, here’s the post on the 70 X 101

iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.ph … slick+rick

Hi Steve,

Definitely a 75x185R type 41 mountain gun case, and most likely re-used in China, based on the numbers at the 6 o’clock position, seemingly being 1950, and this is one particular calibre that is often seen with post-WW2 dates, when re-used by the Chinese. Also, I think the “five-spoked-circle” may be a Chinese marking; it certainly doesn’t seem to be a typical Japanese marking. The ‘41’ is the type indicator, and the character to the right of it, looking somewhat like a straight-lined ‘W’ with a longer vertical middle bar (almost anchorish) is the Kanji for the word ‘mountain’. Finally, from the picture I couldn’t quite make out all of the headstamp, but if you can perhaps post a clearer picture/drawing of the markings, I may be able to tell you more.


PS: Technoviking, eh? Better not youtube that one…;)

Was this case stuck down to something? It seems to have glue or something all over the primer.


Thanks! I kind thought it might have been used or re-used by China because of the 1950 date.


I dont know what that is around the primer… thats the way it was When I got it.


The stuff around the primer is almost certainly not original. It looks like the case could have been glued to a wooden plinth or similar for use as a pen holder etc. in the past.

Here’s another example of this case. (I think)
This of John S.'s most wonderful collection.


Under the Heavy Ordnance banner. About the ninth one down. John may even be able to update his description from the knowledge gained on this thread. Or have it done. By the Heavy Ord. Dept. VP @ oldguns.
And maybe add a search function :-)

Can you define the markings on this one?

[quote=“slick rick”]
Can you define the markings on this one?[/quote]

Yep, piece of cake: the case has a standard Japanese army style headstamp and was made at Nagoya arsenal in April 1933 (= Showa, 8th year), the primer was made (much later) at Tokyo arsenal in November 1942 (= Showa, 17th year). Obviously the markings stating something like ‘Cory 75mm’ do not belong on this case.
Dimensionally-wise it has properly been identified by John as indeed being the 75x185R Type 41 mountain gun calibre.