Japanese naval interest item

I don’t know much on this sort of Naval item, but these locks can’t be too common, only a few hours left on it:


I came across it while searching descriptions on Ebay for “armor piercing” of which its description mentions the Yamato’s shells.

I doubt it is anything whatsoever to do with the battleship Yamato.

I think that “Yamato Zakura” is the brand name of the lock.

Someone did ask the seller the question about it being written in English, which is very valid I think.

My take on the item is that the brand name is “Yamato Zakura”. The lock design is No.466 and 75mm refers to the lock diameter, which the seller confirms is 3 inches (in metric that’s 75mm)
The eight flowers described as Chrysanthemums are actually 5 petal Sakura (Cherry Blossoms).

A lot of money to pay unless you are an avid padlock collector.

That looks like a simple mass-produced padlock. The key, stamped from flat steel plate, would never be adequate in any ordnance application. It seems to be typical ebay hype.


I agree with others, there is no proof given that supports the battleship connection. In fact, I don’t think there were any 75mm guns even on the Yamato.

huh, well that’s a heck of a snowjob by that seller. I guess anybody who knows anything about the battleship Yamato would know better anyway. An unsuspecting new collector might not though…

Well his ebay hype obviously worked on someone, there seem to be four bids and a price of $51 on what is probably a cheap imported padlock.

Well, now you tell me! Is there a way to rescind my bid??

I find it hard to believe that e-bay would allow bogus items.


They can’t possibly check everything that goes on there, there are probably millions of items listed on there every day. Imagine how many people with knowledge in everything they would have to employ to check every item.


I think you’re out of luck. Pay up and take the loss. Let me know when you get it. I have the original box it came in. For you, $100.


Rick, please post a picture of the AP version of that 75mm shell that Ray’s padlock secures!

Well, dang it, if I have a fake lock I suppose I should at least have an original box. Go ahead and send it Rick. I’ll get a check off to you in tomorrows mail.

And if there is an AP version of the 75mm I might as well get that too. Hell, by the time this is over I could have bought the whole danged battleship!


Ray - I,ll sell you the Yamato cheap. But you have to pay all packing and shipping costs. I can’t put it into the trunk of my Saturn and drive it down there. The 18 inch guns are illegal in California, and I might get a ticket on the way down!

John Moss