Japanese or chinese label

do you know the translation ?

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The 1st line = unsinkable
The 2nd line = some name of a manufacturer
The 3rd = no translation
More detailed translation coming later.

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Perhaps it is chinese ?


It is probably Japanese. My Chinese translator (friend) was not sure and referred me to another person who knew Japanese. Still waiting for an answer.

and a friend asked to his japanese friend who told him it could be chinese !!
lol !!

It is perhaps another language.
But which one ?


No, it is either Chinese or Japanese. Japanese language used Chinese characters for writing (so Chinese could read it) but Japanese pronounced those characters differently (so Chinese could not understand spoken Japanese).

Japanese used several alphabets still do. Maening of idiogrmas is different than Chinese as Sksvlad noted. I dont read either one so thats all I can add!

in conclusion for which country is this box ?
And what is tre traduction ?

Id say Japanese. CAnt translate though! See earlier partial translation.

Unsinkable means nothing for primers or ctges.
Coud it be "waterproof " ?

The first line: Singapore

thanks !
in which language ? Japanese ? Chinese ? Else ?

If it is for Singapore it is in chinese. No ?


Chinese,but I can’t recognize other two lines cause the meaning is so puzzling

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