Japanese Sling Grenade from Chinese source

China seems to be a very good well for japanese ammo. Japan itself destroyed everything and the US market is limited and value explode the last years.
Here is some less known japanese ordnance.

A fuze for the AT conical mine

A HE “Ball” charge what is the correct designation and used for what ??

Any comments ??


This is a really rare sling type grenade and yes Japanese items are beginning to come out of China a little at a time. A couple of dealers on ebay are shipping items out of Hong Kong .Most I have seen are not in good condition but we shall see. Before the embargo some very interesting Japanese lots were coming out of China. I remember shorting through cases of 6.5 and 7.7 ammo which had come from China and had both Japanese and Chinese boxes including Japanese boxes with Chinese over labels and Chinese boxes with Japanese made ammo inside. Great fun! I have no doubt that there is much more to be had if and when the import wall comes down.

That Japanes, “Sling Grenade” is super cool! Really interesting.