Japanese Type 3 /Type 92 HMG (woodpecker)


I was wondering if anyone knows how the 30 round magazine clips feed and work in conjunction with this gun. Anyone have any drawings details of the working of this weapon. I am sure i have seen this type of weapon using the same system on a European make?


Chinn (The Machinegun) says that these are direct licenced Hotchkiss copies, so the feed parts should certainly OPERATE the same way, but probably aren’t interchangeable.


The Hotchkiss strip feed was used by many countries including the USA.
They used the Bennet Merci machine gun.
The british version was called Gun, Machine, Hotchkiss, .303 mark 1 and Mark1*. The Mark 1* couldt use eather an strip or an belt.
Here is the feed mechanism from the armourers guide.


The Hotchkiss feed strip works on a sort of rack-and-pinion principle wherein the feed strip is the rack and the pinion is in the gun proper and activated by the movement of the gas piston/bolt assembly. As the gun fires the pinion indexes the strip via the series of holes punched in the strip. Another way of visualizing the mechanism is thinking of a revolver in which the cylinder is a flat strip rather than an endless circle. JG


So the clip is part of the mechanism needed to work the gun.


Here’s another picture of the same mechanism being used; the actual machinegun shown is a French Hotchkiss 1914, but the same mechanism is used in the Japanese strip-fed Hotchkiss copies. (From “International Armament”).


That’s just the type of info i have been looking for. The more the better.
Thanks everyone.


In case it may be important the illustration from International Armament was based on George Chinn’s The Machine Gun vol. 4, which depicts most of the important automatic firearm mechanisms. The Chinn series is the mother lode of auto weapons design. JG


The training film for use of captured Japanese weapons says that both semirim and rimless ammo can be used in this gun. Have any of you shooters ever tried this ?


I belive that there was a TM on enemy equipment, Japanese weopons and ordnance. I had my hands on a copy a few years ago, instead i bought a TM on Ammunition Renovation, TM 9-1905.