Japanese Type Izawa Rifle - Blank ammo?


I know very, very little about Japanese small arms, but I happen to have what appears to be a Type Izawa bolt action training rifle (I had a Japanese friend translate the Kanji characters stamped on the receiver ring). It sort of resembles both the Type 99 and the Type 38, but not that closely to either one. It’s in very good condition and, I think, complete, with cleaning rod and bolt sliding dust cover. From what I can gather, it was likely intended to fire blanks only, if anything. It is far too crudely made to fire a ball round, and it has no rifling. Also it is a single shot, with no magazine. Can anyone provide me specific information about what ammunition was intended to be used in it?


I attempted to collect Japanese rifles and specifically trainers, every new item caused more confusion, not understanding the language did not help at all. I can’t answer your question but I know who can. Go to this web site castle-thunder.com/, message board is at the bottom.