Japanese weapons and ammo ww1 era

This is a published news photo of Japanese troops in China in 1914. Note the machinegun which is mounted on the cart. What is it and what does it shoot ?

Is it a machine gun, or might it be some sort of 37mm gun? Bob Mellichamp’s wonderful book has info on the guns as well as the ammunition and may solve the puzzle. (Or rule out 37mm and put it back in the MG category…)

I think it’s a Japanese 6.5 m/m Hotchkiss with some sort of cover over, at least, the barrel and gas cylinder. Jack

The “cover” gives the impression of a Lewis gun, is that likely?


I have had no reply from Mellichamp to my last 5 emails. Has he passed away ?

The Japanese troops landed there ( in China) to take territory from Germany. Could that be a German gun ?

Note: the Japanese are making electronics in the same place which they took away from Germany in WW1 , lost alltogether in WW2 and now lease from the Chinese govt. !

I tried to clear up the pic a bit.

Kinda looks like a german Mg13 or Chinese/Japanese copy???

Yes, it does resemble the MG13, but the problem is it hadn’t been invented yet in 1914. The more I look at this picture the less it resembles any sort of firearm that seems to fit the period and place of the photo. I do wonder what we’re looking at here. Jack

If you compare the Diameter of the barrel to the face of the person in the back ground, it measures approximately from his chin to his nose, 3 maybe 4 inches? Whats the size of the shroud on a Lewis gun?

This is the reverse. The photo is from a large collection of newspaper photos.

Could it be this ?

Sure looks close