Japanese WWII flare

Most of these went to the bottom of the Pacific or rotted in humid jungles. So they must be rare. Anyone want to take a shot at the label?


These Japanese 28mm signals are fully explained on page 151 in Ken Elks book.
3 columns. First says Nippon Explosives Co.
Middle says Lot R.
Right column says made in Showa year 19 (1944).Seventh month.
The bases can be brass or steel. Smooth base is smoke. Yellow or white case colour.
I hope this is correct.
I have 3 examples - red, white and green all are new primed empties.

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Three Japanese Signals 28mm. All have steel bases.
These are fired cases (not NPE as I stated earlier).
They are two column prints. Upside down .

White smoke (no grooves).Nippon Explosive Co 18 5 (May 1943)
Red Doudle Star (2 grooves) 19 4 (April 1944)
Green Single Star (1 groove). 18 6 (June 1943)