In 50 years of collecting artillery ammo I never noticed those markings. Bravo ! Great attention to detail. You continue to expand the universe of collecting.

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I am confused.
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Thanks so much Dr. Schmitt! Coming from you it means allot :-) I was pretty excited when i noticed the markings. I am just happy Pepper was able to find out what they were.


Jason is relatively new to ammo collecting. He is more experienced at collecting and caring for dangerous animals. In the several months which he has been on the forum his posts have had over 50,000 hits and he has brought more attention to this forum than anyone else and he has some super items in his collection. This hobby needs new blood. Many of us are just a step from the cemetery. Fellows like Jason have already expanded the universe of collecting and will do more in the future. Keep up the good work !

WOW! Thanks so much for the super nice compliment Dr. Schmitt! Coming from you it means allot. Thanks,big time. I have learned more in the short time I joined the IAA & this forum then I have in all the previous years of collecting and researching. I was so surprised when I saw those internal stamps on the 105MM cases.