Jaws ammo

jordanian ammo


Interesting; what’s the parent case?

There is also a .225 JAWS Micro mag.

The JAWS series of cartridges were covered on the Forum on a thread dating from February 17, 2008. If you search “JAWS” and go down to the 9th entry, you will find it. That is the easiest way.

I originally gave the computer line, whatever you call that in computerese, here, but even though I double-checked it and it was right, when I tested it by clicking on it, it said that the topic does not exist, when it most certainly does.

So, search it the way I mentioned at first.

This link should work for accessing the thread John mentioned:


Az - you are right, it does work. It is the same one I had except you cut it off at 359. The one it gave me went on with the number as "35938highlight=jaws. With that on the end, it didn’t work. I love computers.