JDJ whispers questions

Does anybody know bullets weight for Whispers?
Intrested in:
257 Whisper
6mm Whisper
6.5 mm Whisper
7 mm Whisper

Cant find this information

I have measurements, but no projectile weights. I would assume, and I should not :-) They would be standard projectile weights to the diameter of the projectiles, depending on the rifling of the firearm.

Some info here: http://quarryhs.co.uk/silcart.html

Tony thanks for sharing, good information.

I believe that all of the Whisper cartridges use heavy-for-caliber bullets for subsonic loads. Lighter bullets (normal weight) can also be used, but they are usually supersonic. If you contact SSK Industries in Ohio, they’ll probably be glad to send you actual loading data for them. Via J. D. Jones, this is the company he started.