Jelly Bean Rifle Bullet stop action photos

This is a neat photo of a rifle bullet going through a jar of jelly beans. it was the front cover of Paul Wahl’s Gun Catalog #1 38 years ago. Interesting how the bullet is already yawing badly.

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Ruined a perfectly good Gin & Tonic goblet


What, no concern about the perished jelly beans??? :yum:


Very probably one of Dr Harold Edgerton’s photos used to illustrate his new strobe / flash for stop action of movement. The classic is still the bullet through the apple.

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You’re right, Pete. And for those who might not remember the bullet through the apple, here it is.

Apple Bullet

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My Dad who was also a professional photographer got an early (I beleve) Honeywell strobe that used this flash system & we were dropping things into water to catch the cool splash in stop action, which was another photo he used to illustrate this amazing new strobe-flash light.

They have gotten better at shutter control!

Artillery donut
Boolit splatter

Sorry i’ll stop now!


Well, it’s always nice when you get it yourself. Somewhere in the early eighties, I made such a device myself. It worked in a completely darkened room (the range of course), I put the shutter of the camera open and pulled the trigger. The sound of the gun triggered the flashlight on the camera with a microphone and yes, there was some nice result after development of the film.

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I think some of those you show are from single frames of a high speed camera, or a set-up like Dirk describes. Not one press of the shutter release at a precise moment.
Still great shots