First timer questions,
I have a 47mm x 377mm long brass casing which I am trying too identify, & estimated value, the condition is 100%, … need your help please. I am considering to make a lamp with this.
The rim dia.is, 64mm.
I’ll try & attach a couple of photos.


Hi Jigger and welcome.
This is a British naval 3 pounder Hotchkiss cartridge case. Nominally 47 x 376R. It was made by Royal Laboratories (RL) - the royal armouries at Woolwich, London - and accepted by the naval inspector “8” on 15 November 1909. The 1 in a circle indicates that it is fitted with a mark 1 cap primer. The case appears to have only been filled (and fired) once with a Full charge of smokeless propellant (C - often cordite) and this is often interpreted as Cordite Full charge, hence CF.
Value depends on where you are located, but in the UK this is not a rare case. Having said that it it’s in good overall condition it would be a shame to damage a 100+ year old case by conversion to a lamp.

Graeme, what is the sign between the 15 and 11 slightly off set down.

Thank you so much,
My location is “Langley, British Columbia, Canada”.
I am still wondering about the “T”, the “E55”, the "Roman Numeral - ll " & as you, the sign between “15 & 11”.
Really appreciate your help.

EOD, I’m not sure what the stamp is between the 15 and 11, but invariably these small stamps and symbols are inspector’s marks.

Jigger, There is no evidence of this case having been refilled or repaired so the E55 isn’t a repair contactor mark, but probably another inspector’s identification. Cases were subject to various inspections throughout the manufacture and acceptance stages.

The T is problematic. Usually this would mean for Tank use on a case, but I’m not sure that 3 pdrs were used in tanks? I may well be wrong though.

These cases would be a little harder to find in Canada.

It would help for future searches if the the title of the thread was changed to reflect the item in question.