"Jihawg" pork-paint ammo... yes really

Trolling around the auction sites tonight and I came across a loading operation out of Idaho by the name of South Fork Industries with an ammo line called “Jihawg Ammo”. Their ammo is nothing special at all and is simply remanufactured once-fired brass with FMJ bullets, with one important difference. They paint the bullet tips with a pink / red paint that is infused with pork products. Apparently the marketing angle here is that should one want to have an ammunition type that is relatively more offensive to the typical Islamist Jihadist terrorist, this would supposedly be it due to the fact that aside from being deadly, the ammo is also “Haraam” or unclean, and would thus disqualify the target terrorist from having a successful jihad whether they live or die.


If you thought the vampire / zombie ammo was potentially offensive or nonsensical, then this should take things to a new level of shame. Obviously it is as much sarcastic as anything, and is just a marketing angle designed to sell more remanufactured ammo of common calibers than typical generic stuff of similar type. Below is one photo, and I will avoid posting other photos from their site, particularly the “put some ham in Mohamed” printed target which they sell, and let’s please try to avoid belittling any group or person here (I post this for amusement quality and historical note). The company is targeting terrorists with their message, but they can easily be interpreted as offensive in general.

Does that make this special purpose ammunition?

Sort of? It came to my attention after I saw a photo and was trying to determine if it was appropriate for my pink & purple colored side-collection. That is still TBD.

This seems to reflect a story that I had read about the British, in India who lined up a group of Muslim fighters at a firing squad and explained that the bullets where dipped in pig fat and then executed all but one and let him go to tell the rest of the insurgents that if they get shot they will not go to heaven. Any truth???

In my opinion, the whole issue of pork being unclean or preventing a Muslim from going to his final rewards is exaggerated. When I was in Kuwait during Operation “Desert Storm” (where I captured and examined a lot of interesting ammunition) the captured Iraqi soldiers were given one field ration (an MRE) per two soldiers. They had no problems eating the dehydrated pork patty that came in some of the meals. I even heard of the prisoners fighting over them. These guys were half starved and had been drinking water out of bomb craters by the time we got there to receive them… they were not picky.


AKMS - today, you are probably right about the issue over “unclean pork.” However, in the eras in which pork was “forbidden fruit” to the Hebrews, and eventually the Muslims, it was just plain smart. Trigynosis (probably spelled terribly by me), a disease contracted by eating improperly cured or spoiled pork, primarily, was a deadly killer. It was simply good sound health policy to avoid it. In most parts of the world, that is no longer a problem of great concern. I have Jewish friends who keep Kosher most of the time, but if put in a situation, such as a guest at someone’s for dinner, the will eat pork, and one enjoys it, although he never eats it except under those or similar circumstances. The Muslims are, I think, stricter about it than are the Jews, but I suppose captured soldiers under the circumstances described would be glad to eat almost any clean food. Can’t blame them.

A lot of the religious dietary strictures against pork (and other things) were actually health-based. People got sick from pork, but in biblical times, no one knew why. It was easier and more effective to simply make up a commandment from God or Mohammed, etc., forbidding pork than it was to explain why pork was bad for the people. I had a very good Jewish friend at one time (now deceased) who was not completely orthodox, in that he loved ham and bacon, and had no spiritual problem in eating them.

A couple of similar stories about pork. The Sepoy Mutiny against the British was allegedly because that British bullets were lubricated with pork fat. I vaguely remember there was a 1930s movie (don’t remember title) with Gary Cooper about the conflict between US troops and the Moro Muslims in the Philippines during the early 20th Century, where the US commander had ordered that all dead Moros be buried inside a pig skin, terrifying them and destroying their will to fight. I don’t think it was ever actually done.

The effectiveness of the ammo would only apply if the enemy knew you were using it? That may be the difficult bit

The Sepoy Mutiny involved issues over both pork for the muslims but also beef for the hindus who hold the cow as sacred. It wasn’t the bullet lubrication, the bullets were paper patched, the grease was waterproofing on the outside of the cartridge and loading procedure was to tear off the end of the cartridge by holding it in your teeth. The problem was solved by issuing ungreased cartridges. Other sources say the grease was switched to mutton grease.

However, the concept of pork on primitives in the tribal regions of say Afganistan is a bit shaky because they will never have seen a pig so they would have no great awareness of pork. Alcohol in the bullets would probably be more effective as a deterrent but I doubt that too.

Although alcohol is forbidden it is everywhere throughout the muslim world. There are bars galore in Turkey, Morroco, Tunisia, Egypt, Dubai etc A good friend of mine told me part of the winning of ‘hearts and minds’ by the British in Afganistan was to keep the tribal elders well supplied with Viagra tablets and Scotch Whisky.

There have always been muslims in Britain because of the British Empire. They vary greatly in their attitude to such things.

I spoke to someone today at Jihawg ammo about an order, and he mentioned that their ammo is manufactured by a third party, and Jihawg receives this ammo to apply their pork coating to, before boxing in their printed packaging. He mentioned Freedom Munitions at one point, but was unclear as to whether they were his specific supplier.

It’s come to my attention that Jihawg has seemingly been out of business since at least July. Their last Facebook post was June 2nd, and their website has been down since late July or early August. This means that they were in business producing loaded ammo with the pink tips for around 14 months - from April 2013 to June 2014. There is no response from their email or phone number. I haven’t seen any news stories or online chatter as to why, but I wonder if it was anything legal to blame for the shutdown? From the truckloads of free press they received in both positive and negative publicity (on cable tv’s “Colbert Report” and over 100 blogs), one would think they would at least be able to stay afloat selling remanufactured ammo.

They did have a “Fundly” (crowdfunding) effort going which started around December, 2013 to begin some new endeavor, but raised only $680 of their $15,000 goal;