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Hello IAA -

I was researching the 20mm PGU 39/B and IAA forum came up with some results. This forum has been helpful to me in the past. Some of you all are amazing with the research and details - thank you. So I thought I finally should join the forum and hopefully contribute.

My father, Jim Bell, is semi-retired and doing well. If he is home in Kansas City metro area, you will probably find him working a half day here at MAST- Lake City facilities. Not to bad for 75 years old! He has been spending the last few Januaries in Naples Fl area and then several trips to Wisconsin north woods in the warm months. This mixed with other travel and trips, keeps him pretty busy.

We are currently re-ramping up the 9mm Mk 217 SMAW spotter tracer, from the grave for a 4th or 5th time. Dad has been a huge asset, once again.

We are also still active in 40mm M781, .38 Blanks for American Rheinmetall M1110 Day/Night Trainer, Small Caliber Ammo via Black Gun Industries, 9mm M917 Dummy for Army, M51A4N 20mm Plastic Dummy, 20mm PGU 40/B, M81 Igniter and more.

I try to post on our 2 facebook pages:

Both could use more followers.

I attached a picture of some of theses items and other things laying around in my office for some eye candy.

Thanks again for you guys and your knowledge of all things cartridge related.

Warm Regards,

Jay Bell


GREAT post & picture!!!

Thank you!



Glad to know you are here if “We” might have questions, and I second what Brian stated.

Joe Adashunas
Phoenix, AZ

Bought some GREAT training/dummy cartridges from MAST Technologies! Tom from Inver Grove Heights, MN

Jay, great to have you participating here!

And inevitably the questions your image is sparking:

  • What is that 5.56x45 load (green proj.)?
  • What is the “electic match” used for exactly?


Did you order direct from their website? What do they have available?


I placed the order from their facility MAST Tech Hwy 7 & 78 LCAAP (Bldg 139), Independence MO. Bought some 40mm inert, 20mm inert, a 300 AAC, 7.62mm and 5.56m dummy cartridges. They were shipped UPS back to me. Very impressed with their company. Highly recommended them! Tom from MN


M79 Electric match - This picture and details are from PEO Ammo System Portfolio 2012-13. I’m not sure the picture is correct.

The green was a international (mid-east) requirement for a special projectile. I can say its not metal. Unfortunately, a non-disclosure agreement prevents me from saying much more. Sorry!

Thanks Tom!

other places to get our other Dummy ammo. Not all of it is labeled MAST.

Jay, thanks a lot for the clarification.

The shipping tube of that igniter misslead me initially.

About the 5.56mm I think I have an idea what it will be.

Jay - thank you for joining us. Too often we collectors/researchers/historians simply don’t have direct access to the source. So while we end up with specimens we are often left to speculate on the developmental history.

As I collect military experimental calibers, I am particularly interested by this item:

If you can tell us about it and what variations may exist, that would be great. And of course I have to ask if there are any of these cases available as these telescoped rounds are at the current leading edge of military small arms development and are of great interest and highly desirable to those us us who collect in this area.


Paul - Textron is the big dog in this fight. We just provided assembly for one of the test efforts. The USG has spent well over $100 million on these programs over the last 20 years. If I had to guess money will continue to be spent until they have what they want.

The latest is the 6.5 to 7.62 option - see photo. There should be a video of how the belt fed works from Texteon. I think it would be great for interchange from caliber to caliber. Trying to beat the distance battle with 7.62x54r is going to see a lot of money spent too.

I’m not sure about collector items yet. These big companies are pretty secretive. I will check. Jay

Recent activities at MAST

Jay, you got load types and headstamps for us?

EOD - You guys and headstamps!!!

This stuff is standard M33 Ball. LC 17 or 18. I will try to get pictures later.

There is a bulk pack we are doing for NGC for a M33 High Accuracy, which is now lead free! It will Shoot 6 in group at 600 yards.

But since you asked for headstamps:

.50 cal M33 High Accuracy A552 181213.pdf (116.4 KB)

Jay, again thanks!
Yes, headstamps and markings are the other half of our ammo research.

The lead free M33 is identical in inner & outer geometry and has materials replaced (assume it to be unlikely) or is there more to it like a new design?