JMS - Igman?

Did anyone know the exact meaning of the abrev. JMS. Found on 7,62x53R

J = Igman ?
M = ?
S = ?

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I do not think your cartridge is from Igman, or perhaps it would be better to say I don’t think it is an Igman headstamp. Many companies make ammunition for other countries and put any headstamp the buyer wants on the ammunition. They use the Western alphabet sometimes, but more often the Cyrillic alphabet. Further, I am not aware of them using, for the sound of the letter “I”, the older style German “J”. Regardless of all that, it is very hard to make an intelligent identification when all information about a cartridge is not given.

Is JMS the complete headstamp? If not, what is the rest of the heradstamp?
If you can’t present a picture on the forum, you should describe the headstamp, since that is the major thing you want interpreted, in full including the postion of each character, using the position “on the clock” to describe it.

Hi John,

I found the picture at the gundboard forum and your are right “…one picture says more than 1000 words.” so please look at my attached link in the first posting.

Please let me know if there is a problem with the Link.

@12 = JMS
@6 = 02

Thx a lot, Mhistory

Yes, the ammo is definitely from the former Yugoslavia. It is very hard to tell, with a proprietary headstamp (neither an Igman nor a Priv Partizan headstamp) from which of the two companies it came. However, the box is very much like the boxes for 7.62 x 51 ammo that my local gun shop has right now, and that ammo is from Prvi Partizan, not Igman, and so headstamped.

It is odd that neither the cans nor the boxes in the pictures on the other Forum show the country of Origin, and also don’t seem to have the “Keep out of the reach of children” admonition which if true, is a violation of the law.

I hope eventually someone will find out what the “JMS” is all about. Since the ammo is five years old, at least according to the lot numbers and headstamp, it porbably is not the U.S. importer.

Hi John,

just got the information from Igman, that the ammo is not produced by Igman Koncic.

…now waiting for the reply from Priv Partizan

I wouldn’t be surprized if they both told you “No”. Most defense contractors are very reticent to divulge proprietary information.

I understand JMS means Joint Military Services. Now the hard part, I don’t know whose JMS, but they sure to look Yugo.

Certainly Igman or PPU. My money is on PPU. I would be interested in knowing the history of that JMS ammo. Don’t retailers have to state the country of manufacture for the goods they sell?