JOH. Springer auction - Austria


Does anyone have any experience in bidding on cartridges in any of the Springer auctions in Austria over the past few years they have been running? They have several past auctions listed on their site here: and if you click on each one (usually the “stille” ones) you can then click the “online-katalog” button on the right of screen which opens a window showing the categories of that particular auction on a bar on the left of screen. If there is a “munition” button, then this will show all of the collectible ammo auctions that have sold. They also have a current auction coming up. They are mostly a gun auction outift which incidentally has cartridges and cartridge boxes. Some of the items are very nice, and they seem to have a decent number of cartridge boxes, often in large mixed lots for each auction. There is no mechanism for non European bidders as far as I can tell, and one would have to have a proxy bidder of sorts in Europe to try and facilitate anything, but the photos are worth researching. The photos are enormous (detailed), such as the two below, and not surprisingly often feature many German / Austrian items:


Dear fellow collectors,
My name is Josef Moetz, a new member in your forum. I am the author of „Austrian Military Cartridges“ (2 volumes) and „Austrian pistols“ (3 volumes). See my website I am the editor of the German issue of the ECRA bulletin and member of the German language group of ECRA since 1972. I am retired as a director of the Austrian MoD since 2013. Beside writing books on guns & ammo I am working now as a freelancer at Joh. Springer’s Erben, a fairly big Austrian gun trading and auction house. To answer your question concerning collectible cartridges in the Springer auction:
Mailing live ammunition is restricted either for domestic or destinations abroad. To ship such small amounts of cartridges by a special forwarder (who offers this service) is much too expensive. So there is no shipping of auctioneered ammunition by Springers at all, only self collecting! To collect ammunition by a person this person must be 18 years old (or older of course) for rimfire-, sporting-, hunting-ammunition and shotshells. For handgun cartridges you need an Austrian gun licence and for rifle cartridges with FMJ spritzer bullet (these are “material of war” in Austria) you need either an Austrian gun licence or a valid hunting licence. That’s it! So there is no possibility to procure cartridges from the auction without a person in Austria who collects your items. In the cases described this person needs the Austrian gun law documents mentioned.