John M. Browning Day in Utah


If you collect pistol, rifle, or shotgun cartridges - military or sporting - you should be very interested in what the Utah State Legislature recently did. It designated 24 January 2011 as John M. Browning Day (the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the M1911 pistol). Believe it or not, last Monday a fantastic display of Browning-designed pistols, machine guns, rifles, and shotguns was opened in the State Capital Rotunda. The display has a wide-ranging mixture of weapons, highlighted by the Model 1911 series of .45 ACP pistols and .30-06 and .50 BMG (“B” for Browning) machine guns. Yes, in the State Capital building Rotunda for all to see and admire. Yes, state legislators came together to honor John M. Browning, a Utah native and probably the most successful firearms inventor of all time. Thanks to him in part, cartridge collectors have what seems like an infinite number of variations to seek.

You don’t believe that a bunch of state politicians could actually honor a firearms inventor? See for pics and videos of the displays and events.

An IAA member played a major role in bringing the display together and worked very hard to make it happen. He deserves all of our thanks for a job extremely well done. Without firearms, like the ones John M. Browning designed, we’d all be stamp or coin collectors, I guess.


I also understood that the Utah legislature was in the process of designating the M1911 as the Official State Gun of Utah, if it has not already done so.


It’s good to see at least someone in American politics is willing to say something positive about guns in what seems to be an ever more politically correct climate.