John Moss has disappeared

John Moss has a massive computer problem and cannot access the internet or his email. Otherwise he is as good as he ever was!

He will likely be back up online in a week or two when he has the problems sorted out.

Other than that he is as agreeable and understanding as he ever was and is enjoying his privacy.



Thanks for giving me a heart attack with the “John moss has …” title!!
Send him my regards.


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I felt the same while seeing the title!!!😕 good news that he is fine and healthy! Please Lew change the title!

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The title worked just great. There have been over 125 views in about 10 hours! As you would expect he is very frustrated. We spoke for a couple of hours last evening, and he asked me to get the word out to his friends, and this post worked!

I don’t know why you were worried! Who would want to kidnap the old reprobate-as he described himself last evening.

Seriously, I was concerned because I had not heard from him for about a week so I called last evening. The problem is serious and he may lose some information on his computer. It may be a number of weeks before he is back up and running.

If you want to contact him, the snail mail will still work.


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So happy he OK and its just computer problems. John, RULES!


Lew, I suspect the truth really is that John is still glued to the seat of his new car!

In any event, it is about time he got rid of that boat anchor computer…

(I shall await the scolding from him!)


Amazing how dependent we’ve become on our computers. Many of us have bank statements, investment data and tax info on our laptops. Can’t put the genie back in the bottle, have to live with it.

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Peter, In fact he is sill driving the old Saturn around town to save the new one for long trips.


As of yesterday … 35 miles on the new “Silver Racer”… may keep the Saturn as a back-up

Frank, as a “back up” for what, Land Fill?

(Now I’ll really get it!!)

Glad That John is still among the breathing! Computer issues are never fun. When I set up my current system, I added an external backup drive mainly for pictures, of which I have a fair amount. Hopefully John Will be able to recover most if not all of his data. Wish I was physically closer to Joh and so was my Computer guy but that would require eithr john relocating from Kalifonia, Or my moving there, and I doubt either will occur. I woukld suspect there are god Computer folks near him. THX for letting everyone know lew.

I can’t believe he still lives there…and so close to SF. A case of unbridled masochism.

I have just spoken to John by telephone…he is very distressed and frustrated by his computer problem and he suspects he has lost all his files! He seems unsure if he has any back up. If there is anybody closer to him than 8,000 miles away that could help him, I am sure he would appreciate it. The Forum needs him!


I wish! I’d be there every weekend…whether he knew it or not!
I think his whole book is on paper, but many of the pics might still be on his computer. I hope he has a back-up. Is Charles around still?

Jonny, we have been in touch with Charles via Facebook. He is aware of the problem, but presently in Vegas. We hope he will be able to get his father a new computer (well overdue) and find out if anything has been lost…

Who is this John Moss chap that you all speak of?

Just kidding - glad to hear that this post was not about his demise.

I learned long ago to always put two hard drives into any computer that I build. One for the operating system and programs, and one for all my stuff. It is almost always the HDD with the OS on it that goes to God. I also have an external HDD that I back up to. I use a free program called EZBack-it-up and have it set to run in the early hours every second morning…

John like many people grew up there and his famiy is there. politics aside, Ive been in the area and where John is its peaceful.

Have you ever spoken with John? I’m obviously talking about the political aspect of the area.

Ive known John for over 40 years. first met at old Chicagoland show (now in St Louis MO) and been friends since, yes he doesnt like politics, but hes lived there his whole life! cant explain. Im lucky enough to have met Lew Curtis when he was just an AF capt. retired two star now. knew Bill Woodin as well. been a bit below radar for some years now. I moved with my job in 1997 from St Louis vacinity. now retired living in N Alabama where firearms and ammo are not looked upon with dislike.

I’m sorry to read about John’s computer issue. When my past - it’s - prime Dell desktop stopped functioning, I made a sketch of where all of the wires and cables attached to the back of the computer and then I labeled the wires and disconnected them. Took the computer to the nearest Best Buy which had a Geek Squad department. They had it up and running in no time for a very reasonable price. I could have done without the looks of pity, though… “You want us to reinstall Windows Vista?” …Bill

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