John Moss has disappeared

Making a sketch is good, but taking a photo with a digital camera is quick and easy, and you can take several if necessary, and just view them on the camera when ready to plug things back in. A bit of masking tape to ID which wire is which if several look alike is a good backup.

Or get a Win10 laptop with Bluetooth, max out RAM and never look back…So how soon will John Moss get back to the forum?

Well, I work with computers everday as a IT Security guy, and believe in back-ups, but my Dell laptop, which had been VERY reliable, just DIED 2 wks ago. Could not get it back up and running. Bought a new laptop, and used a cable to get all my old files. Likely John has not lost everything, and is on his hard drive… Although I have lost a hard drive to a quick death before.
Glad that John physically is good.