John Moss has Reappeared!

This morning I received the following email from John’s email address:

> Lew,
_> _
_> My dad asked if you can post that he is able to receive emails and inquiries as I stated in my prior email a few minutes ago. _
_> _
_> If you can add the caveat that his responses may be slower than usually and that he is in the process of getting his computer issue resolved. _
_> _
> Thanks
_> _
> Charles

I can hardly wait to see his comments on all the Forum postings he has missed!!!

Our thanks to Charles for getting his Dad back online! We have missed John (sometimes known as LGPA).


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Great news!


Good news indeed! His informative comments have been sorely missed.

However, I suspect that his comments on computer technology will be deemed unprintable by the censors, but most of us understand and share his frustrations.
Welcome back (soon)!

I heard from, John, on Veterans Day, when he returned an e-mail I sent. So happy he is on his way to getting his computer issues fixed. TO ERRA IS HUMAN, TO REALLY SCREW UP TAKES A COMPUTER :-)


I have been asked about the meaning of LGPA.

One interruption is “Le Grand Professeur de Ammunition”, which I recognize isn’t exactly perfect French.

I understand there is at least one other interruption, but John will have to discuss that one.


Is the “P” for Pain???

Then I better do not ask for the meaning of the “A”… :)

Jon & EOD,
Nothing like that, I’m very sure!!!


Just to clarify, John is Not back on line. As Lew mentioned, John’s son, Charles is simply using John’s email address to send/receive emails on behalf of his Dad when he is down from Sacramento.

As I understand, John is using Charles computer to answer emails and perhaps read the Forum. John’s computer should have gone in today for an overhaul!

Whether John is “back on line” depends on your definition and I suspect, his energy level with quite a few weeks of backlog.

Let’s say “he is in the game again” - good to know!

Lew I think the most important news from Charles is that the Makarov manuscript is backed up.

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With the recent demise of his computer, John is using his spare time with his new found business, “John Moss Cleaning Inc.”


I guess I should come clean (no pun intended considering the ghastly picture shown above) and confess what the initials LGPA stand for. It is a title I made up for myself to reflect my expertise in one form of human behavior. It stands for “Le Grand Pissant,” spoken with a French accent as bad as the spelling of the title.

If one wants humor, I confess that I was cleaning up the residue from drilling a hole in the rack for my micro wave oven to pass a bigger fixture on an cord. My micro wave stopped working (electric objects hate me, and like to all break down at once) so I bought a new one.
After my son and I finished installing it, we plugged it in and it did not work either. Then, we realized the cord was attached to an extension cord. It was the extension cord that was bad, replace for 19 bucks after spending 200 on a new micro wave, which now is back in the box in a closet, since my old one works fine.

Well guys, I never claimed to be a mechanical genius. It something has more than one moving part, other than a gun, It is beyond my pay grade to understand it!

LGPA John Moss

If this takes up too much room, it can be deleted with no hard feelings since it has nothing at all to do with cartridges.


Good to have you back on line, John.

Glad you’re back in action John. -Ger


Welcome home.

good news John! enjoyed our chat a wek or so ago via telephone!

Welcome back mi amigo, I’m glad to have you back.

Un saludo grande,



Muchisimas gracias, mi gran amigo.

Ciao! Salud!

John M.