John Pople-Crump

It saddens me to report that John had a major heart attack yesterday morning and died shortly afterwards in hospital.

John had not been too active these last few years owing to ill health but was starting to get back into collecting and writing. He last came to SLICS with me in I think 2008.

John was a great expert on British sporting ammunition and specialised in the Birmingham cartridge makers.

He was a great friend for over forty years and we will miss him dearly.


Indeed so.
Rest in peace John

RIP, John…

I enjoyed our conversations via e-mail a few years back, and the drawings and info you kindly provided…


John P-C was a good friend and a helpful researcher. I would be hard-pressed to think of the vast amount I learned from him on cartridges within my own specialty, both from personal mail (long ago) and email, as well as when he would chime in on the old Forum.

Study your specialities hard, my friends. We have some really big shoes to fill from members of the fraternity recently passed.

I mourn them all.


I mourn them all.[/quote]

Well said.

RIP John.

My extreme condolences to his family and many friends!


I first met John in 1974 when he lived in Aldershot. Great guy! Dedicated collector! Impressive researcher!

My files on 9mm contain a great deal of information that originated from John’s effortsl, and without him would have never been available to the rest of us.

John, it was a pleasure from first to last.

Thanks for everything.