John Wayne ammo

My husband bought me a box of the 100th ann. JW in 30-30 (because I have a gun in 30-30)…
Now this box came from Cabela’s with tape on each side… I don’t like tape and removed it easily…
This is only the 2nd box I would have never opened… and am planning to wrap it in Saran wrap…
My question… is there anyplace that has a pic of the “special” headstamp?? I know if I open the flap, I’ll end up tearing it… I’d love to see what the headstamp looks like!

I believe the headstamp on the nickel-plated cases is “DUKE W W 30-30 WIN”.

If you go to the “general discussion” page 2 you will see the hs plus the box.

Thank you!! That’s exactly what I wanted to see!!

IF !!! need to open a newer box, that has the little tabs that tend to keep the end flap closed and tear the flap when you open the box…use a thin knife blade, slide in carefully, an slowly pry the flap open…it works without any damage to the box…Randy

Thanks… I may use that on some older ones that I don’t want to tear anymore… once I open them to check the ammo inside the box, I close the inside flaps over each other w/o “locking” them.