Joining the Buy, sell,trade forum

How do you gain access to the buy, sell, trade forum to list items?


Steve- First you must be a member of IAA to post things there, although anyone is welcome to read and respond to ads there.

See the FAQs on the B-S-T page for more details on how to register for that part of the forum.

It is a good tool, and one of the many benefits of IAA membership.

Already a member…

Steve–If you are an IAA member you still need to click on “USERGROUPS” at the top of the page and register. Once you do that you should be able to post on the B/S/T Forum.

Thanks Ron!! Got it done!


How long does it take to get approved for the Buy/Sell/Trade forum? Its been several days? It still says pending…


I am the one that has to approve the Usergroup request. I travel a lot and check the requests everyone once and a while. If anyone joins and wants to remind me to check the pendings, just PM me.
Sorry for the wait.