Joliet Arsenal?


A guy on another site wants to know what ammo was produced by “Joliet arsenal plant located in Elwood, IL”.
I never heard of the place, but perhaps one of you guys can help. Did they make anything small-arms or ordnance related?


Excellent history at Wikipedia

Quick summary- set up in 1940 and had two separate operations:
Kankakee Ordnance Plant manufactured various types of explosives for use at other plants and Elwood Ordnance Works loaded artillery shells, bombs, mines and other munitions. In 1945 they were combined to form the Joliet Arsenal.

Like most similar U.S. ordnance facilities, it was shut down after WW2, reopened during and after Korea and then again for small scale production in the Vietnam era. Essentially shut down for good in the late 1970s, it was declared excess in 1993 and portions converted into various commercial uses (Intermodal hub for train/highway truck transfers; landfill, cemetery, industrial parks, and a Wal-Mart distribution center. Portion of the site is a heavily contaminated “superfund” site where they will spend $$$$$$$$$ doing clean up work.