Joseph Whitworth, Whitworth Projectiles, Replica Whitworth Gun, Whitworth Measuring Instruments & Slow Motion Videography

There is an interesting short video from the Smarter Every Day series on YouTube about the development of a very fine measurement instrument by Joseph Whitworth and within this story is another story about the Whitworth guns/projectiles and slow motion videography of firing a Whitworth breech loading rifled gun!!!

From the video-

U.S. Civil War Whitworth rifle bullet, dropped and found 100+ years latter with a metal detector


Modern functional replica of a Whitworth breech loading rifled gun


Projectile for the modern Whitworth gun


Screen image capture of a high speed video showing a modern Whitworth projectile being fired from the replica Whitworth gun at just over 1000ft/second

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Also we can credit Sir Joseph Whithworth for inventing / developing the fluid steel process which was used in the making of modern firearm barrels.

Some of his cartridges both round and hex, and three sizes of hexagonal bullets.


On the SLICS in 2017 a fellow collector showed a couple of wonderful displays.
I don’t remember the name of the gentleman, but I hope he allows me to show a few of his displays.


Brian Riel was who did the display. He loves Whitworth and also has variations of the guns too that he has displayed at Baltimore Antique Arms show and various civil war shows.

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None of all Whitworth’s achievements would have come to feuition If hehad not Standardised the Threading system for screws bolts and nuts…
The British Standard Whitworth thread system…
Which led to Sellars of Philadelphia to develop the US system, ( Eventually SAE and now Uniform National series. The metric systems also became “unitized” throughout Europe.
But Guns remained a strange place where full standardisation did not come until the 1960s…
Just try to find a 1890s gun screw in a local
hardware store!!! They look at you as if you were from the Planet Zog…apologies to Calvin & ,Hobbes…

Down under where we still use Whitworth, Metric
, US system, and Baling wire and Chewing gun and Gaffer Tape…