Journal #460

JOURNAL #460 arrived today.

Bad news is that I will now miss my afternoon nap because I won’t be able to put it down.

Good news is that Chris P. did another outstanding job. Great color photos and something for everybody. I propose that we give Chris a 25% increase in salary. :) :)


OK Ray how do you guys out in the middle of nowhere get your Journals before us big city dwellers? Must be that good mountain air keeps the postman from taking afternoon naps like collectors:-)


  • I got my printed issue # 460 on March 10th. Liviu 03/16/08

Got mine yesterday, 15/03/08.

Another great issue.

Well done IAA, the Journal is well worth the subscription fees alone.

Jeez…still waiting in Pennsylvania!

I got my eJournal copy in late Feb and got my hard copy this past Friday. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

I read the electronic copy when it comes out, but I’m old enough that I still take great enjoyment with the paper copy when it arrives and look through it again. Again, it is probably my age, but I always see things I missed the first time.

For your information, we have more than doubled Chris Ps IAA Salary since 1999! It was worth every penny. Non-members will have to ask what we are talking about.

Cheers Lew

I found the information in #460 on the cattle killer blanks (pre 1939) made by Karl Schermer & Co of such use that words fail me.

Cheers Lew, I don’t know how you did it :-)

My copy arrived today. Is mail delivery for this magazine to Canada always this slow ?


Firstly, Many thanks to those of you who proposed an increase in my already bloated salary as IAA Editor. I will be putting issue 462 together from my new office in the Bahamas as soon as my new bikini-clad “assistant” tops up my daiquiri.

Many Canadians only got their copy of 460 this week (myself included). I cannot explain this but it does appear to be a Canada Post problem this time as some Canadians got their copy over 5 weeks ago! The service that we use ships all Journals, in their individual envelopes but in one bag, to a distribution point in the destination country where the destination country’s own postal system takes over and delivers the Journals as media mail. Since there are a number of distribution centers in Canada, I cannot tell which one is the culprit this time (they don’t stamp the individual envelopes). The fact that distribution WITHIN Canada was spread over a period of almost 6 weeks this time is very frustrating.

Our apologies to the members who had to wait such a long time and my thanks for your patience. Hopefully issue 461, which is being printed now, will not take as long.

Chris P., IAA Editor