Journal #473


I received Journal #473 about a week ago and it rocks! I won’t ruin it for those that have not received it yet by going into details, but the article on Gyro Jets by Mel Carpenter should win some-kind of award and a massive Bomb Trophy :-) Just incredible!



Jason–If you think that Mel’s article in the Journal was good, you should have been at his presentation at SLICS. It was absolutely fabulous and he even handed out a goodie bag of various Gyrojet related things.



Wait for his NEW book about gyrojets made worldwide!!




WOW! Bummed I missed it! One day I will make it there!

I am fired up to see his book. That article was fantastic! I had no clue on the diversity of gyrojets until now.



[quote=“APFSDS”] I had no clue on the diversity of gyrojets until now.


I felt the same way at the presentation but as cool as that was I’m really glad its going to be in print! Heck, I bought a gyrojet cartridge just to go along with the goodie bag Mel handed out. It’s indeed one of the most interesting sub-fields of cartridge collecting that I have seen and until I got into this crowd, I had no idea!


Yeah, I was totally blown away by the diversity. That aside, some of them are just wicked looking! I love there designs. Plus there “ROCKET BULLETS”. That’s just cool!