Journal dvd

I’m not sure who to ask so I’ll try here.

My hard drive went bad a month ago and rather than buy a new tower I bought a used one identical to the old one at a savings of several hundred dollars. One problem - it’s not wired to play DVDs. I never play DVDs on the PC except for the JOURNAL Archives, which makes that one problem a big one.

So, is the JOURNAL DVD also available on CD? Is there a way I can convert my DVD to CD? I know I can wire my PC to play DVDs but that costs more than a few bucks for the software.

Anyone help??



Did you buy a new harddrive or a new used tower?

If you bought a new tower, and the new tower has a CD drive whereas the old had a DVD drive you could just switch those too.

If you bought a new HD, and your old setup did not have a DVD drive then you would need an external dvd drive to read the DVD.

I do not remember the size of the files, but I would imagine they would all fit on a CD. I am sure a computer repair type shop could copy the files from the DVD to a CD for you.

If your old computer supported a DVD drive, and your recent purchase is the same, but differs in having only a CD drive, the solution would be to add a new DVD drive (which will also work with CDs) which is cheap, or get an external DVD drive (more expensive). It is only a simple screwdriver job to install it. But without knowing the details, I can’t say if it would work. Virtually all computers made in the last 10 years will come with a drive that will, at least, read a DVD, and many will write to a DVD.

Also, a CD has much less data storage space than a DVD disc, roughly 20%, so you might need several CDs to hold the contents of a single DVD. But I do not know how much space the DVD Journal requires.

Originally we offered the Journal archives in both CD and DVD formats, but the DVD was more popular. We needed two CDs to hold everything and I think we would probably need 3 for the updated version.

Best bet is to have someone copy your DVD on to several CDs, and then to copy them on to your hard drive and not have to worry about using a CD or DVD drive, it will always be there when you need it.

As Aaron said, it should be a simple matter to remove the DVD drive from your old PC and put it in the new one. If you’re planning a trip to Bill’s any time soon and if you wanted to lug both computers along, I’m only a few miles from his place and I could do the swap in about 5 minutes.

It looks like the Journal archive is about 800 MB which is 2 CDs. If you email me your address I can burn a set for you and have them in the mail this afternoon.

Thanks to all, and to Vlad who contacted me by email. I think I will take Chip’s offer of the 2 CDs and forget the DVD drive. The JOURNAL Archives is the only thing I used the DVD drive for. Every other document that I have is on CD.