Just checking if anyone has received the March-April issue of the Journal? As of today my copy hasn’t arrived. Thanks,Ray

The March/April issue was mailed about 10 days late as the US Postal Service (USPS) decided to change the rules for 2nd class mail. It was mailed around March 11.

The USPS have introduced a new “NCOA” requirement that meant we had to change the way we provided the mailing labels to the printer/distributor so that they could sort the labels into the sequence required by the USPS so that the USPS could approve our continued use of the 2nd class mailing. Since this is the issue which also includes the membership cards, these also had to be sorted into the same sequence as the labels by the distributor who has to put them in the envelopes. As far as we can see, the new NCOA procedures do not provide the customer (that’s you, the members) with any advantages !!! Surprise, surprise !!!

Now that we know what is required, the next issue will be back on track.

I would expect the issue to start arriving in the US this week.

Chris P.
Editor…blah, blah, blah

Thanks for thefeedback.Looking forward to it"s arrival. Ray

The eJournals were available for download three weeks ago!!!

Some of us old timers probably won’t give up the printed journal until we are forced to, in spite of the slow delivery, space requirements for storage, etc. Hardly anything is anticipated as much as being able to settle back in the recliner when a new copy arrives. I look at a computer screen far too much already.

I wouldn’t be without both the printed and the electronic journal. I agree with being able to read over the Journal, and often when I am tired of doing whatever else it is, I will put an old one out of my file and just go through it.

However, with the electronic Journal, I don’t hardly read it - prefer the printed one. But, since I can print out what pages I want, and as many copies as I want, I print out everything I want to keep, even if there are three or four subjects on one page, and file them in the appropriate file so that I can find them instantly or so they are part of a file that I need to withdraw lots of information from. It makes them even more accessible than the wonderful ongoing Index we have thanks to Chris P. Of course, the Indes allows me fairly quick access to at least the major articles all the way back. I am sure they could be saved separately by you computer wizards who eschew the printed page, as well.

For the price of a couple of bad lunches at In and Out Burger each year, the electornic one is worth it not in place of the printed one, but in addition to it.



I agree, that’s why I get both!

I got my Journal Monday. Another great issue!!!


I don’t have space in the ‘reading room’ for a PC and have no laptop, so I really enjoy the hard copy.

Many thanks to all that so many do to make the IAA the great thing it is!

Course, joining it has change my dang LIFE!

I’ve been gone three days and spent the last 2 hrs trying to catch up here!

Anyone else in the UK still waiting for this issue of the journal ?

I’ve just had a look and I don’t seem to have had it either.

Time goes so quickly at the moment I hadn’t noticed the absence.


I gather a number of people in the UK have not got theirs. In fact, I don’t know anyone in the UK who has got issue 466 yet). Since they are shipped to the UK in one bag and then distributed there, most people should get theirs within a day or two of others in that country.

The Dutch members started getting theirs last week.

There is no explanation why our collective postal services seem bent on self destruction. The Journals to Australia arrived in 4-5 days from the original mailing, the ones to New Zealand took 7 weeks (OK, I know NZ is 1,500 miles away from Australia). Go figure.

Please be patient and don’t assume that the Editor leaps tall buildings with a single bound or knows what goes on inside ANY postal service.

Chris P.

The Journal arrived this morning, 13th May. I look forward to reading it.

My copy was waiting for me when I got home. There’s a pot of tea brewing and I’m going to settle down with the Journal and a cup or two of something hot and wet in a moment.

Happy collecting, Peter

Moi aussi. Mine arrived this morning.