"JPG" Headstamp ID

Can anyone help me identify the manufacturer of 9mm Luger ammunition with “JPG 9mm Luger” headstamps? It is blackened nickel.

I don’t recognize this headstamp, but it is hard to keep up with all the new US headstamps. There are cases with a JPG headstamp. Jagemann is a case manufacturer and they do make blackened nickel cases.

Could you post an image of the headstamp which would make it easier to identify.



It is boxer primed. Here is the headstamp;

JPG Headstamp 4

Totally new to me!!! The open lower part of the “P” loop and the open “R” are similar to some other headstamps we have seen, but may be an artifact of the company or equipment making the bunter.

Hope more of them show up! DK, any guesses???


Lew, this or the new world of laser burned or eroded bunter production where any font or pictogram can be choosen. What makes it much harder to ID a manufacturer by it’s “handwriting” like in the good old days.
And I am even not sure if there are special makers of bunters anymore as this simply became obsolete with modern technology where every company can have own machinery (or better just 1) to do this and no need for skilled handycraft experts.

Highly reminiscent of some CCI/Speer headstamps! Any reason for concealing the primer in the picture provided???

John Moss

The casing was from an investigation that has since been suspended. Our lab and multiple other labs have not seen this headstamp before. I have called almost all gun shops in the area and no one carries it or has seen it. The firing pin impression was covered as it is obvious what type of firearm was used.

My next step it to contact custom casing makers who may make custom headstamps for boutique shops.

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speer of the same caliber for comparison.
9mm Luger 2dots open r JPG Headstamp 4


The 9, P and R are extremely close if not identical.

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Cartridge corner - also other figures on the two headstamps. That was my thought as well. The next question is who was it made for, and when was it made. Lots of these specialty headstamps sneak by unnoticed. It could have been made 10 years ago, or yesterday, so to speak.

John Moss

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message to Speer sent but unlikely they will answer.

It could be possible this round is from a batch of retirement shells made for
A CCI/Speer employee whose initials are “JPG” .

UPDATE: Speer looked at the headstamp and said without a doubt that this is NOT one they have made. Nothing on record and no Blackened Nickel cases. So they have confirmed this is NOT a Speer made product.

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