June 1st auction

Collectibleammuntion.com has a auction starting tomorrow. Great items like Maynards, Winchester, Boxes and more. No buyers premium like other auctions

Think you spelled your website wrong:


I can’t find the auction link on the website.

Go down the list of cartridges for sale. It is about the third item down under the category of 2020 June I auction.

I see it, thanks

June 1st auction under categories

Is there some place a person can find just the items that they added to there watch list?
Under timezone what does UTC ±5 mean?

Go to link…select the too right menu drop down. Choose “auction” I think there’s 86 items if I’m looking at the right spot

UTC ±5 Is Eastern time

Thanks Fletchette, I just purchased some 44-40 cartridges from you last week.

I see no way / link too contact to ask a question(s) about an item(s)

Pete, there’s a phone number listed on the home page - the second item below the red MINIMUM ORDER statement.

What I can’t find is a drop down menu at the top right of any page where I can find watched items. There is only a Search Products window in that position and a Cart icon below on the page as it comes up in my browser. I also don’t find anything to indicate if or how much buyer’s premium will be charged or any other House Rules.

Thanks Rich, sure would be a bunch easier to just e-mail him.

I created this site for Keith and try to make it work well for him.

I added a Auction drop down in the menu for seeing your watch items and items you are bidding on.

Thanks for being guinea pigs in his first auction!

Excellent. Thanks Aaron.

Another adjustment you might make. On the outbid notice email - change the statement "Current bid is… Maybe to “Your last bid was.” I labored under the impression that I was outbid at the same amount as my max bid.
It finally sunk in what was intended :)


If you created the site, then can you tell me how to get a password. I have tried several times to register but the site does not send a password.



Actually you were. Keith forwarded your emails to me. The site has proxy bidding like eBay or Gunbroker. So someone had already bid way way above yours, and when you bid, the other person outbid you at your 2nd high bid.

If you click My Account (https://collectibleammunition.com/my-account/) it should give you an option to register.

Have you fixed the ability to e-mail a question or do we still have to call. & when is it over?